Sparrows vs Sai Kung Sharks (SKS)

On November 17th, Sparrows kicked off an early morning with a league game against SKS. Even though we were playing one player short, it did not stop us from trying our best to FIGHT AS ONE! Now let’s take you back to the game and show you how we took the first goal of the day!

In the first minute, our strikers took a fantastic shot and scored, taking the first point of the game within the first 60 seconds! Great teamwork! SKS struck back with much determination as four SKS players ran down the pitch with the ball. They were greeted by our super defenders Rukia and Connor but managed to squeeze past and score their first goal, tying the game at 1-1. Determined to take the lead back, we scored our next goal from across the court, pulling the score to 2-1.

As Sparrows celebrated scoring their second point, we lost focus on defending, which caused us to lose the ball. SKS capitalizing on a moment of weakness in our defense, pushed forward and scored their second point to tie it up at 2-2. Towards the end of the first half, we lost another point for throwing the ball at the wrong direction, handing the lead back to SKS 3-2.

After half time, Musashi switched positions to play in the field, while Gishaan went into goal. At this point, we had resolved our weakness in defense and consolidated our attacks. We struck back and gained two points within 10 minutes, moving ahead 4-3. What a great come back!

Even though SKS had presented us with very strong strikers, Pearl and Connor worked extremely well as a team in defending, and it looked like Sparrows were about to take the win but unfortunately, SKS pushed back with great effort in the last minute, and tied the game at 4-4.

Both teams showed great determination throughout the battle and we are proud of the effort and teamwork shown on the pitch! Well done U11’s! Next game scheduled for Dec 1 vs South China Athletic Association (SCAA), 12:15pm kickoff at Cherry Street Park. Come out and support the team!