Thank you to all who took part in Sparrow Soccer School’s first in-house tournament last weekend. It was great to have players from our Tung Chung and Park Island programs together for this event. Teams from all age groups participated and used this opportunity to demonstrate their techniques, learn about their areas for improvement and most importantly, have fun and enjoy a little friendly competition with friends and team-mates!

Our adorable Sparrow Tots showed off their smooth dribbling skills and great improvements in shooting accuracy. The Sparrow Junior teams were calm and confident, and they showed amazing team work throughout the matches. Equipped with more experiences and advanced techniques, the Sparrow Senior teams exhibited impressive improvements in both skills and tactical awareness.

It was a joy to witness our players’ developments and watch them play with confidence and passion. We look forward to the next one!

Registrations are open for the upcoming term and we welcome new students to join our community!